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Having a garden is an excellent way to teach children about where food comes from. Getting kids involved is also a great way to get them eating and enjoying vegetables.

Having a garden also helps with the age old question of what to make for dinner. Let the garden inspire you with a variety of seasonal offerings to build your meal around. Send the kids out to pick what is ripe and make dinner truly a family affair.



The quality and taste of fresh, home-grown vegetables is unsurpassed. It is easy to forget what real food can taste like when you get in the rut of buying out of season vegetables from the grocery store. A fragrant ripe tomato or a sweet carrot freshly pulled from the ground will quickly remind you.

We plant varieties of vegetables that have been bred for taste and quality, not for their ability to withstand thousands of kilometers of transport.

We take the time to get to know what you like and tailor a garden to your specific tastes and can recommend some new things for you to try as well.



All too often people say that they would love to have a vegetable garden but don’t know where to begin. Gourmet Garden Organics offers a wide range of services to accommodate novice gardeners of all levels of ambition.

We have successfully gotten many new gardeners off to a the right start and are happy to share what we know. Whether we can install a new garden and plant it for you as well as provide whatever help you need, in the form of regular maintenance or just checking in a couple times in a season to see how things are growing. 

Seed Delivery

Seniors/Mobility Limited

Gardening is for everyone. We are able to offer custom raised beds to fit individual needs. This includes extra tall raised beds to reduce bending, and custom dimensions to ensure individuals are able to fully enjoy their garden from mobility devices.
Gourmet Garden Organics offers regularly scheduled maintenance packages to suit all of your needs to give you the ability to enjoy the garden without all the work.

Cheerful Seniors

Health/Environment Conscious

We do not use any chemical sprays, pesticides, or fertilizers in our services and do our best to organically source our seeds and seedlings. This also includes never using any GMO plants/seeds.

You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing exactly where your food came from and what went into growing it. Food doesn’t get any more local than steps from your back door.

Make eating a mindful activity. Having a garden helps to put you in tune with the seasons and their many varied offerings. We are also happy to share our experience in storing and preserving your vegetables for enjoyment year round. 



Supplement your offerings with the freshest vegetables possible - your own. Advertise your commitment to local food and local business with attractive planters and garden beds designed to meet your needs. 

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